A company born out of passion and purpose

Who We Are

Serenity Behavioral Health LLC was founded out of love, compassion, and resilience. Our founder, Rosalyn C. Fulton, leads our team of caring and understanding staff toward helping clients find a higher sense of purpose, drive, and direction.

About Our Founder

Rosalyn has been working in the field of counseling for more than 12 years, and she can’t imagine herself doing anything else. She is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC), and a Board-Approved Supervisor.

As someone who has had personal experience in finding peace and wholeness from life’s broken pieces, she supports clients in finding the courage to pursue their life’s purpose.

Our Vision

In the future, we see ourselves as a leading collaborative and transformative organization that provides effective and innovative care services for people suffering from substance abuse and mental.

Our Mission

We aim to provide high-quality care and community-based addiction and mental health services that will improve the lives of our clients and strengthen society. We will strive to ensure that each client becomes a fully productive individual and achieves their fullest potential.

Our Core Values


We take full responsibility for our actions and expect others to hold themselves responsible for theirs.


We help people find a healthy balance in life.


We value the individuality and cultural diversity of our employees and clients. Our company continuously strives to uphold mutual respect and sensitivity.


We go all out to help individuals in the communities we live in.


We acknowledge, support, and listen to each employee and client.


We seek to be pioneers and promoters of change in our field to benefit all of our stakeholders.

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